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lyrics by Voltaire (Graveyard Picnic)

I was on the moon. With Steve.

Before I get back to the grind, I wanted to make a quick note of something.  Last night my friend, Dallas, and his two-and-a-half year old, very kindly picked me up from work (so I could get home faster and sew more).  After I greeted Dallas, I turned and said hello to his daughter who very solemnly whispered that we had to be quiet.  I, of course, whispered back, "Oh, I'm sorry.  Why do we have to be quiet?"  Her reply?  "[indecipherable noun] is sleeping in the ground."

This was so delightfully macabre coming from such a little girl that I immediately broke into a grin.  But she'd no sooner said this than we pulled up to a large intersection and her view of the sky returned.   "I can see the moon!" she exclaimed at full volume, and went on for another several minutes (with a little prompting from her father) about the moon.  

As much as her "sleeping in the ground" comment had amused me, there is perhaps nothing more amazing than that level of excitement over a fixed body in our sky (okay, so it appears to change, but you know what I mean).  I'll gaze at the moon quite often, especially when it's at full.  It's beautiful and an important part of my religion.  Sometimes I'll even find myself smiling if I catch an unexpected glimpse of it through the trees...  but I don't remember ever being that excited about it.  

Little kids are magic.

The Plan:

  • Finish my oatmeal.
  • Pile a whole lot of hair dye on my head.
  • Do a short, low-intensity workout that won't result in gobbets of dye flying out of my hair.
  • Take a shower.
  • Sew until it's time to leave for work. 
  • Go to work; do work stuff.
  • Come home.
  • Sew until I've finished everything but buttons and buttonholes -OR- until I pass out.
I think it's a good plan.

Writer's Block: How old is too old?

Are you ever too old to go trick-or-treating? Is candy for everyone?

I went trick or treating up until my freshman or sophomore year of high school... which, truth be told, was probably a bit too old. But no one I knew was having Halloween parties (and somehow I don't think Mom would have wanted me to host a party on the scale I would have liked to host a party) and I just didn't want to miss out on the fun.

I still didn't attend Halloween parties in college, but Halloween my freshman year was the first time I visited The Home of Happiness. I joined the (now almost unrecognizable) cast less than a year later (seriously who are those people?). I missed a couple of Halloweens because Samhain took precedence, but I never had to worry about being without an outlet for Halloween fun.

I didn't quit cast until I moved to MA four years ago and started hosting my own Halloween parties.

So long answer short, of course candy is for everyone, but once you hit your twenties it's time to start tricking other people into bringing the candy to you.

PS--party at our place tonight! Come in costume. Oh, and bring some candy. ;)

Re: Prescription Request

We cannot refill your prescription request, because you need to come in to have your blood pressure checked before we can prescribe you more medication. You will have your BP checked at your annual appointment on the 22nd. If you have any questions, please call.




Seriously? I give blood every eight weeks! My blood pressure (the anger and stress of this moment notwithstanding) is FINE! Even if that weren't the case, why on earth would you tell me in an earlier email that you'd refill my Rx as soon as I had an appointment scheduled?! It's a moot point since I should have started a new package of pills on Saturday and will almost certainly be getting my period today... but I'm irritated on principle.

I understand, Planned Parenthood, that you have a lot of patients to keep track of and take care of... But get your shit together.

petite_tadpole, I'm so going to the Fan Free Clinic for this shit next year.

First World Frustration

Last year when it came time to schedule my annual and get my birth control refilled, I put in an appointment request at Planned Parenthood of VA and ended up being off the pill for two or three weeks because they just couldn't get me in any earlier, and neither they nor my old MA doctors would call in a prescription refill for me. I didn't blame Planned Parenthood for this; none of their doctors had ever seen me, and if there's no earlier appointment then there's no earlier appointment.

In any case, based on this experience, when I started my last package of pills a few weeks ago I logged onto the Planned Parenthood site and put in an appointment request. I filled in all their fields, including time (morning), day of the week (Wednesday), and which of those two--if they can't both be met--is more important to me. As I'm ALWAYS off in the mornings, naturally I said that the time of day was more important to me.

I get an email a few days later saying that there's a message for me on their site. Why they can't just send me a message to my actual inbox* I'm utterly unclear on, but hey. Whatever. Anyway, I log on, fully expecting this to be my appointment information. Instead, it's a message explaining that they only have morning appointments Thursday through Saturday and that I should put in a new appointment request. Alright. I'm somewhat baffled as to why they asked me which was more important--time of day or day of the week--since they're apparently not going to use that information. But as I'm already logged onto the site I put in a new appointment request for a Thursday morning.

A couple days after THAT I get another message and, lo and behold, they've scheduled me for an appointment for that very week! Unfortunately after waiting weeks for an appointment last year, I wasn't planning on getting anything so promtply, and didn't have the money set aside. I gave them a call and we rescheduled my appointment for after my next paycheck. So far some minor, automated annoyances, but otherwise no big deal.

Except then I couldn't find a ride to the new appointment. Not anyone's fault really. I called Planned Parenthood again, during business hours, but wind up in their appointment hot line voicemail. Okay. Maybe whoever normally answers that line was helping someone else or in the bathroom or something. I left a message, explaining that I wouldn't be able to make that appointment, and asked for someone to call me back to reschedule it. I of course, also left all the relevant information like my name and phone number and so on.

I don't hear anything back for a few days, by which point the appointment I was trying to reschedule has passed. I give in and just put in a new appointment request. On that same visit to their website I put in a prescription refill request since by this point in the process I'm about a week away from having to start a new package of pills.

The next day I get a message from them explaining that they'd be happy to put in a single refill for me, but not until I have an appointment scheduled. Great, I think. Then schedule my gods damned appointment already! A few days after that I get another email reminding me both that they only have morning appointments Thursday through Saturday and that their appointment request form is really just an exercise in futility. I dutifully go back and put in yet another appointment request, this time for a Friday.

Today I finally get an appointment confirmation for the morning of Friday, October 22nd. Lovely. After jumping through all these hoops, I WILL find a way to make this appointment even if I have to hijack someone's car. Seriously. After getting this message, I put in another prescription refill request, as I have no faith whatsoever that they've done anything crazy like keep track of my old one (I'm due to start a new package TOMORROW). After that, I called them again.

In the two weeks since my first appointment was scheduled, the cost named in the messages has gone up by $10. Now, if this was a leap from say, $20 to $30 I probably wouldn't stress it too much. But the first email already listed the price as $85--$10 more than last year. That didn't exactly make me happy, but I figured $10 in the course of a year is perhaps not all that surprising. But at this point I'm looking at $95, which, quite frankly is more than I can really afford. Hell, $75 was more than I could really afford, but we're quickly inching up to triple digits here, and I won't pretend I'm okay with that. I'm beginning to wonder how much money I'm actually saving by going here instead of to a regular Ob. Gyn.**

In any case, I once again left them a voicemail, only this time I don't actually expect them to call me back. I'll find the $95 somewhere and have it available on the day of the appointment. But I'll also bring a pay stub and/or last year's tax info. Being poor got me a break last year (which is how I wound up paying only $75), so hopefully it'll do the same this year.

All this being said, I am utterly disillusioned with Planned Parenthood right now.

*Probably it's some sort of privacy thing, given that not everyone who uses Planned Parenthood is a full grown, perfectly healthy woman who isn't/has never been pregnant, doesn't share a home with her parents and simply wants her annual and some birth control. However, they should probably consider that many email services show the first line or two of an email and not make the very first words of the email, "Virginia League for Planned Parenthood."

** Okay, I'm still saving like $100 over the random ob. gyn. I just called... and yet, $95 still seems like a LOT compared to the $40 I was spending at Planned Parenthood in Boston. And even if it is more affordable than a regular doctor's office, it's still very affordable.
Happy October everybody! Halloween is just 30 days away, and I thought I'd spread the joy with a few icons! Check them out here!
My new phone is working! But they still insist that first Paypal payment doesn't exist, and charged me a second time yesterday! The second payment (which thankfully was almost entirely covered by my paypal balance) went through without a hitch, which is why my new phone is up and working now.

However, I'm entirely NOT okay with the fact that a) they put through a payment that I didn't authorize and b) they're still, essentially steeling that first payment. I spoke to someone named Alex who seemed genuinely upset about this on my behalf. He put in another report/request/whatever, this time taking down all of the info I could give him regarding the transaction. The exact time recorded by paypal, the transaction ID and so on.

So... for the time being I'm going to tentatively switch to the use of my new 804 number. I'm not quite confident enough in this situation to turn off the old 781 number yet, but the new phone is the one I'll be carrying with me.

Wish me luck!
Last night I activated my new Virgin Mobile phone & paid my monthly fee out of my paypal balance (it's pay as you go, but SO MUCH cheaper than my old Sprint plan). I also added $10 to my cash balance from my bank account, so that I could download games, ringtones, etc. I was having problems connecting, but figured it was just taking everything a little while to process. I took my old phone (which is temporarily still connected) out with me that evening, and didn't think about my new phone again until this morning.

I was still having problems connecting. I tried sending a text message and then tried placing a call, both to my Sprint phone. Nada. So I hopped online and logged into the Virgin Mobile site to see if I could figure out what was wrong.

As soon as I log in, I'm directed to a page which says, "There was a problem with your payment" in big bold letters up top. I've already received an email from Paypal saying the payment went through, and while my bank still lists the $10 as pending it a) shouldn't effect my ability to do basic stuff like make phone calls and b) does seem to appear on my Virgin statement. According to them, I need to send them the difference between that ten dollars and my monthly payment in order to get my service started.

Well, as I have, in fact, paid them more than my monthly service charge at this point, I'm not exactly pleased by this. So I call their customer support line, spend an eternity trying to get to a real human being and FINALLY get someone named Emily on the line.

Now, I will say this. She was very friendly and really seemed to be doing everything she could to help me out. When she pulled up my account the paypal payment wasn't showing up on her end either. No surprises there. So she's put in a report with their financial department and, assuming they can find my payment, it'll be applied to my balance, no harm, no foul, and my service will run one month from that date forward.

This should happen some time in the next twenty-four to seventy-two hours. Seventy. Two. Hours. Am I the only one who does not find this particularly acceptable?

Probably it was a simple error and will be fixed without too much hassle... Even so, I've also put in a dispute via paypal. It probably won't be necessary, but if Virgin claims they can't find the payment or some crap like that, I'd rather have everything completely documented with all parties, not just with me and Virgin.

Corset for Sale!

Steel boned, satin & lace corset: 28" at the waist, when fully and tightly laced (like this), plus a 6" modesty panel in the back. Includes 8 detachable garters.

Below the cut are a few photos from what I'm reasonably sure was the last time I wore it, about a year and a half ago. The corset is still in beautiful condition and has only been worn somewhere around nine or ten times since I bought it seven or eight years ago. I'm more than a little sad to see it go, but I've lost some weight (and am working on losing some more) and it's now too large for me. It's a gorgeous piece. However, it's also worth a decent chunk of change, and I'm too broke to hang on to something that expensive when I can't even use it anymore.

Asking price is $300 (well under what I paid for it) and includes shipping to anywhere in the continental US. If no one here is interested I'll probably put it up on ebay, but I'd rather see it go to a friend who I know will take proper care of it.

Photos under the cut!Collapse )

The corset is originally from Le Chateau Exotique in New Hope, PA. For reference, the corset I linked to (which appears to be the same style, although in different fabric) is selling for $460 on their site.

Tales Untold

Not only have I finally gotten around to naming the collection of fairy tales I'm trying to publish... but I've also finally launched my Kickstarter page!

Please check it out, spread the word, and pledge if you can!

Tales Untold Kickstarter Page

Take This Book In Your Hands

Like it or not, witches are drawn to the edge of things, where two states collide. They feel the pull of doors, circumferences, boundaries, gates, mirrors, masks. . .
. . .and stages

--Terry Pratchett, Maskerade

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