Tea With Lenore

It's Just You, Edgar Allan, & Me

Shannon Willow
1 November 1982
You may know me better as Lilith Lore. And if you're a fan of my stage work, you're welcome to follow me here. But this blog tends more toward the personal than my other social media accounts, and as such most of the content since about 2004 is available only to those people I add as friends. Please don't be offended if you follow me, and I don't add you back.

If you have no idea who I am, let me tell you! I'm a storyteller and burlesque dancer (under the aforementioned name of Lilith Lore). I'm also an improvisor with ComedySportz Richmond, OverTime Improv, and Improv-a Kedavra. When I'm not on stage I work as a personal trainer, and as a priestess of Blue Star Wicca. Aside from that I'm a giant nerd, and can be found doing the sorts of things giant nerds do: playing board games, reading, playing D&D, and generally obsessing over various fandoms.